Monday, July 19, 2010

Occupational sources and uses of sodium metabisulfite

Industry = Use

Food and drink = Preservation and sterilization, refining sugar

Brewing, wine making = Sterilization in fermentation processes

Photographic chemicals = Formulation of developers and fixers

Dye houses/laundries = Color stripper and anti-chlor

Leather = Tanning (acidifying agent), solubilizing agent for tannins, reducing chrome liquors

Mineral extraction = Ore floatation aid

Effluent treatment = To reduce chromium salts

Chemical manufacture = In the manufacture of sulfosuccinates and sodium formaldehyde bisulfite

Rubber manufacture = Latex anticoagulant

Parenteral solutions = Prevent oxidation of adrenaline

Madan, Vishal et al., Contact Detmatitis, 2007: 57: 173-176.

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